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My love affair with Dachshunds began over forty-five years agopt_baron.jpg - 13472 Bytes when I brought home a handsome little black and tan six week old standard smooth puppy, Baron (pictured right), who fit into the palm of my hand. Years later, while searching for another smooth male, my husband and I were introduced to the Standard Longhaired Dachshund. We were smitten. It was only a matter of time until we were showing and breeding. A move to the Ontario, Canada countryside gave us room to grow, and grow we did. Three dogs became five, eight, ten and more!

While our children were young both boys took an active role in helping to raise our dachsies. bertdwn0603.jpg - 17785 Bytes Robert was my Number One handler putting many a championship on our homebred standards. David was my primary puppy-sitter and socializer. All too soon our boys grew up, went off to university and lives of their own. A few years before the boys left we purchased Bert (pictured left), a decision which inevitably lead to a major change in our breeding program. Although we had miniatures and standards, showing and breeding both for a few years, our last litter of standards was bred in 1998. Today we maintain a select few dogs, breeding miniature longhaired exclusively until 2012 at which time we cobred our very first litter of miniature smooths. However ... never say never; there are days that I miss the "big boys"!

We are proud of our achievements over the years. We delight in our dogs, enjoy their antics on a daily basis, never begrudge the time or the effort it takes to keep them happy and healthy. I spend hours researching pedigrees, information on diet and health issues, working out mock breedings (paper litters have such advantages!). This does not mean there aren't frustrating times. Oh no! There are days that have us ready to pull our hair out trying to figure out how the heck did the girls escape? Fill in one escape route and another appears, almost like magic! The worry that someone might get hurt or ill is ever present. I wouldn't give this up for anything!

After all the research, the continuing education seminars I have attended, and will continue to attend, I'm ready to make informed choices for our future generations. At Pamadron we breed our dogs with particular emphasis on temperament and health while ensuring we maintain breed type. Our puppies are raised underfoot shortly after venturing out of the whelping box. They're introduced to new experiences every day whether it's as little as eating out of a different bowl (or, better yet, no bowl at all!) or as big as meeting an adult dog or greeting the great outdoors for the first time. Puppies' first vet visit is at eight or nine weeks unless otherwise necessary. Each dog is given a regular thorough veterinarian check-up, are DNA tested for their cord1-PRA status unless known to be hereditary clear, are regularly examined by a board-certified ophthalmologist, both while part of our active breeding program and beyond, and pass the scrutiny of our peers through shows or personal consultation where showing is not possible. We take our stewardship of our chosen breeds very seriously and will do what we can to help other breeders wherever possible.

The "Pamadron" prefix was registered with the Canadian Kennel Club in 1988 and received permanent registration status in 1993.

Pamadron Perm Reg'd (Canada), Paula Thomson
Located on 15 acres in the Thousand Islands area of Eastern Ontario
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Telephone: 613-926-0306