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I have always believed education, the pursuit of knowledge, to be one of the more important things in life. It's no less so with the continuing education we must have to provide the best we can for the continued health of our dogs and the futures of our chosen breed. Many of us will have embarked upon our show careers with the help of a mentor, someone who taught us the ropes both in the ring and in the whelping box. A mentor is such an important person! She, or he, can have a significant impact in the "sport" of dogs. Their influence helps shape the next generation of breeders and show participants. However, there comes a time when we have learned all we can from our mentors. The world is rapidly changing and we must continue our education in an effort to keep up with these changes as well as acquire, as much as is reasonably possible, new knowledge science has to give us.

Over the years I have attended a variety of educational seminars. In the past few years I have attempted to attend at least one seminar per year in an effort to keep up to date on a number of advances in the field of genetics, diet and nutrition, structure, temperament and many other facets of raising healthy, happy Dachshunds that are also excellent representatives of the breed. Some of the seminars we have attended are listed below: