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Pups being pups

Red, black & tan, blue, chocolate, cream, spotted* or striped** ... puppies come in all colours and patterns ... no one is more "rare" or "special" than any other. ALL PUPPIES ARE SPECIAL.

* when we say "spotted" we're talking tongue-in-cheek about the merle pattern, also known as dapple in Dachshunds
** striped is the brindle pattern

If you are looking for a well-bred family pet Email us to request a questionnaire. Please include "Puppy Enquiry" in the subject line and to indicate whether you're interested in a family companion or a pup to add to your own excellent line of Show/Breeding dogs.

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Pamadron Baby Blocks

Puppies from the Past Cream Babies
Newborn First Outing
4 weeks old - first outdoor visit Butter Flower
8 weeks old little girl A young boy and his stick
12 weeks old boy thinking about that stick- is it alive?

We reserve the right to sell our dogs to whom we wish or to refuse to sell to any person, or group of persons, for whatever reason.