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This is the room where we place our pups that we will "run on" for six to twelve months before deciding who ultimately will become a part of our active breeding program. What determines who stays and who will go to a new home? There are many things to be considered before we can make the final choice: First and foremost do we like the pup; his or her personality, can we live with them? Does the pup "fit in" with the other dogs? Are they happy being one of a dozen or more dogs, sharing our attentions, or would they prefer to be in a one or two-dog family? Do they like to show off? In other words, will they have fun in the ring or do they have to be dragged around fighting the whole way? And, of course, we have to stand back and forget this is our precious puppy and really look at him (or her!). Has he/she lived up to his/her potential? We "assess" our pups many times over the months starting as young as only a few weeks old. We also like to have another breeder help with the assessments as often as possible; not necessarily a dachsie breeder. A good breeder will know what makes a worthy dog regardless of the breed (some just have a better "eye" than others).

Not all pups will stay with us permanently, of course. There wouldn't be enough room! Some, like "Comet" and "Madison", have gone to co-ownership homes. Periodically they'll come for a visit to be shown or perhaps to "play house" with one of the girls (or boys!). Most others will be placed into companion homes with our regular "Non Breeding" contract; a select few may be offered to a show or breeding home.